Lemon-Aid : About Us

For many of us, the world we live in today is post modern and post information. We have moved from our small, highly localized communities to being citizens in a global neighborhood and economy. But as technology and information bridges the gap of oceans and cultures that separate us, apathy, self-centrism, and feelings of inefficacy widen the distance between us. Lemon-Aid was founded to bring together people from all over the globe to support and encourage a feeling of community. We want to lend a helping hand to those in need and promote love, dignity, and humanity. Like the corner lemonade stand set up on a warm summer day, we've come to your neighborhood to quench the growing thirst for connection and change. Please consider joining us in our efforts to take lemons and make them into Lemon-Aid.

The Lemon-Aid philosophy is about socially involved living : though we are not individually responsible for the wrongs of the world, it is through helping out, pitching in, and giving back that we each contribute the million steps it takes to change the world. Help, no matter how simple, and change, no matter how modest, makes a measurable difference. Change is the leap forward of crossing a line to desegregate a school or the small step of bringing your own reusable shopping bag to the market---each step brings us closer to a better world where we all share in the abundance of life. Do not be discouraged by the things you can't do and be proactive about the things you can. Care and be involved.

lemon-aid.org is dedicated to giving you opportunities to help out in every corner of the globe. We will bring you stories from men, women and children from all over the global neighborhood and give them the forum to tell you about themselves and how you can help enrich their lives. Please read about and meet the amazing people we share this planet with. At the end of each story is a simple wish or need that person has. It could be a pair of glasses that will help a little girl see clearly for the first time or a soccer ball for a boy that's always wanted to play. If their story touches you, you have the opportunity to make their lives better by donating a portion of the proceeds for the item, the amount in its entirety, or the physical item itself. Whether it is 5 dollars, 20 dollars or 100 dollars, we all have the power to change someone's life.

Whether through the profiles featured on our website, or our projects, lemon-aid is committed to helping out in the global neighborhood. There are so many things in life that separate us and reduce us to categories of gender, race, politics, religion, wealth, geography, lifestyle choice, or age. Lemon-Aid brings us back together as simply human. We want to inspire you to be involved, encourage you to reach out, and give you the opportunity to make a difference. For those that believe "charity starts at home", we argue that we all share the same home : earth. We live in one world and are neighbors in a global neighborhood. Help out. Pitch in. Give back.